Meetings and Events


Nov 2nd   Officer’s Meeting • 6:00; Yom Kippur begins at sunset

Nov 9th    Stated Communication • Awards Presentation;
Lodge Opens 7PM. Open presentation of Awards 7:30; refreshments served

Nov 23rd  No Meeting

Nov 24th Thanksgiving

Dec 7th Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Dec 11th   Annual Visitation Project (VOLUNTEER!) 1 PM

Dec 14th   Annual CommunicationElections for 2023

Dec 21st Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Dec 25th  Christmas

Dec 28th   NO MEETING

Jan 4th    Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Jan 9th  NCAA CFP National Championship

Jan 11th Open Installation of Officers – (Dinner RSVP Card coming soon)

Jan 16th    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan 18th    Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Jan 25th Stated Communication • TBA

Meetings 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Radiant Temple ● 225 Acoma St. ● Denver
Columbine Lodge is dark June, July and August

Petitions Wanted! Uncle Hiram needs you! Bring your prospects to dinner to meet our members!

Dues Notices For 2023 Have been sent out

Our member dues remain unchanged at $95. The total for regular members is $190. Please take the time to make sure your contact information is correct on the dues notice and return the entire form to the Secretary. Dues are due to the Lodge by December 1st.

November 9th is Sam Okner Day!

It is our great honor to recognize the following members on Nov 9th for their continued support of the fraternity:

Receiving Grand Lodge Awards: 70-years Sam Okner! 60 years Joseph Golinsky. 50 years Michael Kutner, Warren Rubin, Moton Sperling, Robert Weiss, Norman Wright.

Receiving Service pins: 55 years: David Kaplan, Victor King, Elliott Messinger, Henry Mohr, and Michael Seeb. 45 years: Paul Karrer. 40 years: Brian Penry, John Trainor, Leonard Trujillo. 30 years; Emanuel Isler, Steven Melnick, Edward Pine. 10 years: Joseph Cotton, Dillon Roberts. 5 years: Seth Feldman, Chadwick Williams. Receiving Columbine Lodge 25-year awards: Frank Gold, Marvin Meyers, Barton Rivkin, Zvi Rudawsky, David Stoner.