Tidings From the East

I would like to congratulate Bro. Ryan Miner on a fantastic Entered Apprentice proficiency and receiving his Fellow Craft degree. Special thanks to Bro.’s Marcus Johnson for the spectacular job delivering the Stair lecture for his very first time; Tony Scaggiari for exceptional performance on his first Fellow Craft obligation; and Han Leetang for bringing it home with the “G Lecture” delivered to perfection. Thanks also to W. Bro.’s Herb Carr and Bill Feldman, for their help in performing the work.

To encourage members to donate blood the Whittelshofer Blood Bank Committee will donate a $25 gift card to a restaurant of your choice. Direct your questions to Bro. Marcus Johnson.

We have a very busy calendar of events coming up. We have several candidates going through the degrees and a few petitions. We will even be holding a degree meeting on June 12th. Please put this on your calendars so we can show up with as many brethren as possible for our candidates. The officers are putting in a lot of time preparing for these degrees and are performing them exceptionally well.

I would also like to encourage every brother to remember that Masonry is a lifelong journey, and to come and support the Lodge. We are reaching out to members by phone. If you want a ride to Lodge, tell W. Bro.’s Steve Melnick, Tom Jones, or David Paul. I hope to see everyone soon to take part and to witness fine degree work. I look forward to seeing you there!

Brandon A. Whittier
Worshipful Master