Tidings From the East

Our trip to Africa last month was amazing. Thank you to Bro. Jeff Feldman and all the rest of you for taking up the slack while I was away. I had expected to have more time and internet access to compose the Trestleboard, but the Senior Warden did a fine job with Tidings from the West.

In November we plan to honor members receiving Masonic service awards on Nov. 9th. We will accommodate family members and visitors with an open presentation, and refreshments will be served.

As November is upon us, we are honored with the opportunity to vote our conscience to elect leaders in our Government. This is also a reminder that in Columbine Lodge, we will hold our own elections for our leaders of 2023 at our Annual Communication on Dec 14th.

Masonry is about participation. Please volunteer for our Annual Visitation Project on Dec 11th. Call the Secretary to sign up and participate! We will hold our Open Installation of Officers Jan 11th. Dinner reservation information will be sent soon.

Thomas W. Jones, PM
Worshipful Master