Tidings From the East

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it yet, autumn once again is bringing seasonal changes for our discerning eyes. Leaves are beginning their myriad of color changes, animals are making final preparations for

long winter hibernations, and the Denver Broncos take the field to engage in their weekly contests. It is also a good time to remember these words for legendary coach Vince Lombardi

Individual commitment to a group effort makes a team, a company, a society work, or a civilization work.

How the Broncos do this season will ultimately come down to how they work together as a team. Individual accomplishments are impressive, but championships are ultimately awarded to the team, and no one person can carry an entire team.

It is much the same in Freemasonry. No Lodge can be carried by the individual efforts of one person and it takes all of us coming together, being there for one another in good times and bad, for the Lodge to thrive. So remember when you are sitting down to watch the Broncos take the field, working your usual vocations, donating you time at a worthy charity, or just being there for a friend, more particularly, a Brother in need, always have with you your trowel to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection. Do your part to unite us as one common institution. And as always, GO BRONCOS!

Jonathan M. Wilcox
Worshipful Master