Tidings From the East

When I leave for work in the morning, as I am now able to return to the office, I notice the school bus trekking through my neighborhood picking up kids for school again. It is that time of year, when summer is coming to a close. A hint of fall is in the air, and the patter of feet echo through the halls of our schools once again. I am also reminded of a quote from George Santayana,

“A child only educated in school is an uneducated child.”

While the knowledge learned inside the classroom is invaluable as we progress through life into our vocations, many of the life lessons we hold dear as Mason’s, such as friendship, morality, brotherly love, and charity, are best learned through the trials and tribulations experienced in the crucible of life, and are reinforced by congregating with like-minded individuals, such as the brothers you meet in Freemasonry.

As the doors of the schools are once again opening to welcome returning children, the doors of Columbine Lodge are also open to welcome returning brothers wishing to build upon the tenets we as Masons inculcate.

I also challenge you to remember that, much like the schoolchild heading home after the final bell of the day homework in hand, our education also doesn’t cease once we walk out the door of Lodge, but persists through every facet of our lives. I welcome all my brothers to Columbine Lodge ready to continue to build our moral and Masonic edifices.

Jonathan M. Wilcox
Worshipful Master