Calendar and Events

Mar 1st Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Mar 8th   Stated Communication • Business• Colorado Night Comm. Meeting 6:30 Lodge Opens 7:30; Refreshments following

Mar 15th Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Mar 17th   St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 22th   Stated Communication • Proficiencies and Business • Lodge Opens 7:30; Refreshments following

Apr 5th  Passover begins at sundown

Apr 9th Easter Sunday

Apr 12th   Stated Communication • Business and Exams

Apr 19th  Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

Apr 26th  Stated Communication • Degree Work

May 3rd  Degree Team Rehearsal & Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

May 10th   Stated Communication • Master Mason Degree

May 17th    Officer’s Meeting • 6:00

May 24th    Open Program • Public School Night

Meetings 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Radiant Temple ● 225 Acoma St. ● Denver
Columbine Lodge is dark June, July and August

Petitions Wanted! Uncle Hiram needs you! Bring your prospects to dinner to meet our members!

Friday Lunch POSTPONED
(Resuming soon at the Monaco Inn)