Tidings From the East

I went to the Grand Lodge Budget session this past Saturday. It was fascinating to watch the process. Brothers may not agree on all issues (in fact there was a lot of disagreement), but the members of the Lodges kept a debate going with one brother speaking for a point of view and then someone speaking against that view, until one side or the other ran out of speakers.

This debate was orderly and conducted without resorting to name calling or threats; and then we voted. This led me to thinking that the process used is excellent in its simplicity.

Our Fraternity is an outstanding example to every Mason for how we should interact with all mankind.

I hope everyone had a good summer and is now ready to get back to Lodge. We will have Entered Apprentice proficiencies very soon in September to get things rolling. Bring in a Petitions! I want to wish our Jewish members and their families a L’Shana Tova as they will be celebrating the New Year 5783.

Thomas W. Jones, PM
Worshipful Master