Tidings From the East

I am very grateful to be the Master of Columbine Lodge for 2024. I know that my family and especially my grandparents Fran and W. Bro. Brian Penry are a big reason I am here today. Thank you very much to W. Bro.’s Norman Wright and Herb Carr for conducting such a beautiful installation ceremony, and for everyone who attended and made our Installation of Officers a special night.

Bro. Winston Churchill once said “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.”

This month many of us will do something special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with loved ones. For that reason (and to avoid me being alone in the Lodge room) we will not have a meeting on Feb 14th. I encourage you to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy their company.

On Feb 28th we will install our Junior Warden and dive into the Master Mason lecture starting with the Beehive. We will hold a Fellow Craft degree Mar 13th, and will have Entered Apprentice examinations as well.

In April we will hold a Master Mason degree with Public Schools Night in May, and more Entered Apprentice degrees in June. Please take a moment to sync up your calendars so that you can attend the meetings with your favorite degree work and to support our newest members as they progress in their Masonic careers.

Brandon A. Whittier
Worshipful Master