Tidings From the East

Tidings from the East

December is a time we like to spend
with our family and friends. However,
there are those of us that don’t have family
with whom they can share the holiday
season. This presents us with an
opportunity to reach out and welcome someone new into
our “society of friends and brothers,” and expand our
personal relationships.
Masonry teaches that no man is an island; that no man
walks alone. Through each of the degrees this is
demonstrated asp we are escorted by a brother on each step
of our journey to become a Master Mason.
On December 17th we will be visiting some dear friends
to spread holiday cheer to the Ladies of our brethren who
have passed away.
Let’s not forget the people we love, a friend, or more
especially a brother in need. If you see a brother in need
reach out to them and offer your assistance. They may feel
uncomfortable asking for help. It is our duty to share our
concern, and our obligation to let them know we stand ready
to assist them should they require.
On a more personal note, this is both a time of relief and
a bit of sadness for me as my journey as my year as Master
is at an end. We will soon elect and install the officers for
2018. Please attend our Annul Communication on and
participate in elections, and attend Installation in January.
I want to offer my enthusiastic thanks to the members
and officers of the Lodge that made this ap special year in
our lives and in the history of the Lodge.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I look
forward to sitting in Lodge with you in 2018.
Steve Melnick P.M.