Tidings From the East

On May 20th at the Denver Consistory we
will present the Award of Excellence to the
sponsors of the Colorado Seal of Biliteracy
Bill: State Sen.’s Dominick Moreno, Kevin
Priola and Rachel Zenzinger; and State Rep.’s
Jim Wilson, and Millie Hamner.

I want to offer my special thanks to Bro. Chadwick
Williams for his work putting the program together.
Bro. Chadwick is Fellow Craft working on his Proficiency, and
is already making an impact in our Lodge.
I also wish to thank W. Bro. Herb Carr for this inspirational

I often hear from Brothers, that they just don’t have time to
come to Lodge. We all have busy lives, but we will often take a
ticket to sit in 30 degree weather to sit in a stadium with friends
and family to watch a game. Sometimes we will take our ticket to
go to the ball park in the summer to watch a baseball game, or
will use a ticket to attend a concert.

Perhaps it is simply because you have a ticket? In your
wallets you have a special ticket that will get you into any Lodge
room in the world. We are your friends and consider you family.
Use that ticket to come to a Lodge, spend it with your Masonic
family, and make new friends. That ticket in your wallet is
magic; it can open you up to new ideas. The more you use it, the
more you learn and the more friends you make.

If a ticket is what it takes for you to go to an event or for you
to give up your time, use the one in your wallet. Even if you
don’t learn anything new, the time that you spend with your
brethren in Lodge will teach them something new. It’s a new
year, and we have many new brothers that you may not have
met. Come and see the possibilities that your magic Masonic
ticket can bring you.

As my college gymnastics coach always told me, “The
people that volunteer the most are the ones that learn the most.”
Let’s all take advantage of our Masonic Membership!

Steve Melnick P.M.
Worshipful Master