Tidings From the East

Tidings from the East

During the High Holy Days, Jews
around the world engage in a period of
reflection in preparation for a New Year.
During Lent and Easter, Christians
likewise reflect while celebrating the
renewal of life, similar to the beginning of New Year.
January begins the secular year for all of us and
brings a Masonic renewal of the leadership of our
Lodge. During this period of Lodge renewal, I ask us all
to reflect on the words recited at the altar in the several
degrees of Masonry and the meaning of brotherhood.
In the year to come we will have many opportunities
to share in friendship and brotherhood, and I challenge
you to invite your friends and family who have not yet
learned the joys and responsibilities of Masonry to
commune and kibitz with us when we have open
programs or fun nights.
We will strengthen our fraternity with new thoughts
ideas with the energy of youth. May we all look forward
to a fun and fruitful year in 2018. To encourage a higher
level of shared brotherhood and fun, we will be offering
incentives to encourage attendance, benevolence,
visitation, youth support, travel assistance and
hopefully, lots of new petitions.
Please come to our next meeting and see some of the
exciting prizes that you can earn through this program
to support our Masonic endeavors. (We will have some
really great Masonic bling!)
John J. Harrington, III P.M.
Worshipful Master