Tidings From the East

Tidings from the East

“The practice of charity will bind us – will bind
all men in one great brotherhood.” – Conrad

I don’t know if Conrad Hilton was a Mason.
His name is on lists of famous Masons, but I have
not seen any evidence to confirm his membership.
Nevertheless, his statement is very Masonic. Charity is the
First lesson we are taught in Masonry. We are fortunate to be in a
Lodge that is active and offers a multitude of opportunities to act
upon this Masonic principle, like our recent April 20th blood
drive. I want to thank all the Brethren who participated in this
drive. This is one of the many noble endeavors of our Lodge.
I am calling on the members of Columbine Lodge to
remember their obligation and the lesson of the first degree –
Charity. I implore you to engage in the Charity of our Lodge and
the activities that will bring new members and thus increase our
charitable undertakings. Let me list for you some of the
opportunities for Charity beyond our blood drive coming up this
year in which I am urging you to participate.
May 6th we are hosting the firefighters across the street from
our Lodge in a chili cook-off to raise money for our Rifkin
Scholarship fund and to honor first responders.
May 23rd we are celebrating education in our Public Schools
with scholarship presentations and a silent auction to support
“Art and Autism,” a charity putting art in the schools for students
with autism. Please attend and purchase or donate items for bid.
October 27th we are hosting a Halloween party in conjunction
with Prince Hall Masons, DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow
Girls and Jack and Jill Denver to support students modeling
leadership and public service in Denver Public Schools.
Please call me and let me know how you can support Lodge
Charity. It is not just a good idea, as Masons it is an obligation.

John J. Harrington, III P.M.
Worshipful Master