Tidings From the East

I have really enjoyed traveling to the different Masonic organizations such as attending the recent Job’s Daughters Masonic Appreciation night, and our officer’s visitation to Englewood Lodge No. 166. I enjoy getting to meet so many

wonderful and interesting Brothers, and I really enjoy the opportunity to study Masonry from a different perspective.

I find when I am watching the Lectures on the three degrees, each time it is a different experience. Similarly, each time you re-read a book, you learn new details and the book takes a new shape in your mind.

This is why I am motived to keep attending Lodge meetings. Each time, the Lectures start to talk to me and I begin to reflect on what I am learning this time; something that I may have missed before, or just wasn’t as relevant to me the last time. And of course, spending time with a superior group of men (YOU!) makes lodge fun every time.

I want to thank all the brethren who have given time to deliver the lectures, obligations, charges and other work. Each time you teach me something new.

I am very excited for the coming events in May and June: a Fellow Craft degree, Colorado Night on May 20th, the Master Mason degree on May 24th, Public Schools Night on June 14th, and our Awards Brunch June 25th.

I can’t wait to spend time with you, and share time with my brethren, friends and family members.


Steve Melnick P.M.
Worshipful Master