Columbine Picnic July 23

Columbine Lodge No. 147

Annual Picnic

Sunday, July 23rd

11 AM– 2 PM

Cook Park Picnic Area 1

7100 Cherry Creek Dr. South

(Monaco Pkwy and Mexico Ave)

Bring your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, the neighbor’s kids, and anyone that might be interested in Masonry.

There will be chicken, burgers and kosher dogs with salads, drinks, chips and desert.

There will be fun for the whole family with games and prizes. We will play BINGO, ladder ball, and bags – known as corn hole in the Midwest. There will be kid’s games, sack races, three legged races and a balloon toss to cool us down in the heat. Fun for the young and the young at heart!

RSVP to Bro. Fred Shaw at
or 303-596-7007

Awards Dinner

Please make your dinner reservations for Public Schools Night with Junior Warden Fred Shaw ( by Monday 6/12.

Please send in your RSVP cards to me before 6/17 for our Annual Awards brunch (see attached card).

This year’s award recipients are:

65 years:       W. Bro. Leland Huttner, Bro.’s Albert Levin, and Samuel Okner

50 years:       W. Bro. George Steinberg, Bro.’s David Kaplan, Victor King, Elliott Messinger, Henry Mohr and Michael Seeb

40 years:       Bro. Stuart Kauvar

25 years:       W. Bro. Steve Melnick, Bro.’s Mani Isler and Edward Pine

10 years:       W. Bro. Michael Zeff and Bro. Samuel Helms

The Brunch will be at the Embassy Suites in southeast Denver at 10AM. Return the enclosed RSVP card soon!