Awards Dinner

Please make your dinner reservations for Public Schools Night with Junior Warden Fred Shaw ( by Monday 6/12.

Please send in your RSVP cards to me before 6/17 for our Annual Awards brunch (see attached card).

This year’s award recipients are:

65 years:       W. Bro. Leland Huttner, Bro.’s Albert Levin, and Samuel Okner

50 years:       W. Bro. George Steinberg, Bro.’s David Kaplan, Victor King, Elliott Messinger, Henry Mohr and Michael Seeb

40 years:       Bro. Stuart Kauvar

25 years:       W. Bro. Steve Melnick, Bro.’s Mani Isler and Edward Pine

10 years:       W. Bro. Michael Zeff and Bro. Samuel Helms

The Brunch will be at the Embassy Suites in southeast Denver at 10AM. Return the enclosed RSVP card soon!